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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MADtv - Lorraine Rocks!!

Uuhuh uuhn huh!!

Ah....Lorraine. Lorraine Swanson. My favourite character on MADtv.

I found MADtv DVDs from $7.48US ($9.73AUS) at Amazon.com

I am having Mad TV withdrawal symptoms. Thank you, half-arsed Australian television!!! You really know how to program.

Take Mad TV off the air, put on "CSI ...(insert town here)"

Take away Supernatural, put on "20-1 Most Inane Moments in some field nobody cares about"

And sadly, take away the X-Files, put on "The Simpsons 100th episode for the 10,00000th $%@^?&^%@ing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I mean what is going on? Is it a conspiracy?

Are we handed crap TV on free-to-air (sheesh! It used to be called just plain old "Television" - I am so sick of weasel words) so we are forced to....

"JOIN US!!!!!" (sinister voice hissing)

...sign up to Foxtel or whatever and pay shitloads of money every month?

I don't know.

To give you an idea why I love MADtv so much, here is one of my favourite Lorraine moments:

Lorraine Buys a Bed

Buy the DVD, watch it on YouTube, however you do it, Lorraine Rocks!!!

Uuuuhh uuuh uhhh uhhh


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  1. Its not only there where TV sucks, in SA its probably worse. Even though we have satellite, I still don't watch TV much :(
    I've started reading more - much more fulfilling, plus I get to make the time, and the place ;)


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