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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pantene vs. Sunsilk - A Hairy Challenge!!

My favourite shampoo used to be Pantene.

I have been using it since it came in the pink, purple and yellow packaging (circa 1980s)

But then they did the unthinkable. They changed the formula. Now it sucks.

Now when I wash my hair with Pantene, it tends to look like this:

As the saying goes, I can't do a thing with it!!

I got a free sample of Sunsilk Super Shine in the mail and decided to use it because
I'd run out of shampoo.

To my amazement my hair came out looking something like this:

It costs $4.99 in the supermarket, compared with the $9-$15 price range of Pantene. And it works.

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  1. I work at a Salon/Day Spa so I am use to using professional products. But since I have gotten on the health kick, I use organic shampoos, conditoners, body washes, body lotions and mineral cosmetics. Try the healthy route. John Masters products are fantastic.


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