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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Golf - MFS Australian Open at Royal Sydney

Golf! Golf! Golf!

To celebrate the start of the MFS Australian Open at Royal Sydney (16-19 November 11:30am-4:30pm Ch7), I thought I'd explore golf clubs.

I always thought you needed the latest titanium whizz-bang set of clubs to play golf. But if you are just learning how to play, these entry-level clubs will serve you just as well.

Went to Elsternwick Golf Course with the following equipment

PGF Clubs (RRP $30-35 approx)

The Wilson Green Machine Putter (RRP$30-35)

And the trusty Sunday bag (RRP$25)

The bag & clubs were easy to carry without all the clutter.

Saw 2 guys on the next tee with titanium sets, buggies, amazingly expensive equipment, the whole deal.

Still, they both sliced the ball into the trees, hacking their way down the fairway.

Meanwhile, my partner used the PGFs and got 2 pars!!!!


As far as the open goes, I don't really mind who wins. I'm just glad to see golf back on the TV again!!!


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