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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walking with Hand Weights is the Best Exercise

I tried walking with hand weights last week and have been doing it ever since. Just me, some running shoes, 2 x 1kg hand weights and off I go.

The 1kg soft hand weights were approximately $30.00, which is at the upper end of the scale.

However, you can find various hand weights at your local sports store for approximately $2.49 - $7.99ea, (0.5kg - 2.0kg) and these will do just as well.

I personally wouldn't recommend walking with 3kg or heavier hand weights but that's me. Some people probably use 5kg! I use it to get my heart rate up, not to get clanging biceps!

I have found that this is the best exercise I have ever done - better than aerobics!!

I used to think that people walking with hand weights looked like dorks. But...after I got over my fear of dorkness, I've never looked back.

Happy Walking!!


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