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Monday, April 23, 2007

I am Such an Entrepreneur...

Wow, I've really broken into the big time. Get this for business acumen...

I bought a completely bollocksy book on how to play bass called "The Bass Grimoire". To give you some background on the book, imagine the most complicated, overblown and head-up-a$$ way to explain some really simple concepts and you pretty much have "The Bass Grimoire". I mean, the fact that it's called "The Bass Grimoire" should actually be a clue to the pretentiousness of the content. It really tries to scare the beginner away from getting anywhere near the "Ivory Tower" of knowledge that spouts from the overrated author's rear end.

So, there's the background. I decided to sell this book because I couldn't find a use for it and at the time I was pretty well stocked with toilet paper.

I bought some years back for $40.00 (money well spent!) and decided to try my skills as a seller on Ebay. I put the postage down for $8.00, thinking that this would be about right, and put a no reserve auction into play.

By the end of the auction 7 days later, some lucky punter had won the item for 0.99c!

And the postage turned out to be $9.00 so I lost a dollar on postage as well.

So altogether I am down $40.01 (if my erroneous maths serves me correctly)

Wow. I'm a real mover and shaker.


  1. But you are blog of the day on PPP :)

    Sorry the Ebay deal didn't do so well for you. I'm a buyer, not a seller on there!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is too bad.
    But hey! You are blog of the day at PayPerPost!

  3. Don't mean to chuckle, but I gave up ebay for that exact reason. :P The first time I ever tried I had no idea how expensive postage would be. I figured 8 bucks was fair. When I went to send off the doll it was almost 12 and the doll had only gone for 99 cents. :P

  4. Unfortunately, this happens WAY more often than not on eBay. I'm probably down $957.13 as I see it...

  5. Thanks for letting me know! I thought PPP Blog of the Day only happened to other people! :-)

  6. Congrat! you the blog of the day ^^.

  7. Sorry the Ebay deal didn't do so well for you. I was a seller on ebay, but now I have shifted to this site with a great new concept - My Hire Site (http://www.myhiresite.com.au) . Its like ebay – except that people actually hire things on the site, rather than having to buy things. Its based on the concept of neighborhood hiring. Its been more profitable for me than just one time sale of stuff. Although its primarily a hiring site but there are sale offers listed too...you may want to try your hand here....


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