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Monday, April 02, 2007

Waiting for Kodak

I am currently waiting for my photos to be developed at Rabbit Photo. I am pretty impressed with their service - they are prompt and have a special "gold card" for frequent er... developers. I actually can't wait for the photos to come out so I can start raving and reviewing the holiday. I must say I really enjoy developing photos. I guess that's one of the sad things about digital cameras. I mean, they are instant, just like my old Polaroid that I have sitting in my cupboard. But the Polaroid gives you a photo - it slides right out of the camera like magic. And then there's the waiting for the picture to appear. I love that part. You don't know if it's going to be a good one or a bad one, that's the fun of it.

I guess what I miss when I'm using digital cameras is the "photo" part. The actual, holding it in your hand photo result. If you don't have a hard copy, it kind of creates a "virtual" photo, which isn't as fun. Yes, you can go to a photo processing shop and process your photos from a digital camera, but few people do. And you have to process hundreds at a time which makes it less viable.

I have taken to buying those disposable cameras for now. Yes, I realise they are hideously bad for the environment and I won't do it again, I promise. I am actually going to get myself a camera one of these days, be it film or digital. These disposable film cameras are great when you are on holiday - you can buy them after you arrive at your destination and take 24 photos, which can be all you need for a short holiday.

Again, I can't wait to get these photos developed. But I just had a flash (pardon the pun!) of people nowadays being grandparents and trying to show the grandkids some family photos.

Grandma: "I have some photos here of when you were just 1 month old, visiting the farm with Mum and Dad...Oh! Drat! I'm sorry dear, the 1GB memory sticks just don't work in your computer. It says unable to read disk"

Granddaughter: "Of course not Grandma, you can only use the 1000GB cards now!"

Grandma: "*Sigh* This new technology, I don't know."

And there it is. So much for showing the family album. "Unable to read disk." Worth thinking about.


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