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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Look out for Fake "POD"s on Ebay

While scanning the items on Ebay, I've noticed a sneaky trick sellers might use to get you to part with your dollars. Here's an example of one of the nasty ads:

"1GB POD MP3/MP4 player" or "1GB SHUFFLE MP3 player"

You will notice that the ads don't mention the term "Apple", because they're not.

Even worse is this particular ad found today: "IPOD Nano Style Mp3 Player"

Many people are likely to put a bid on these items without checking them out carefully. Yes, it's true that there is an MP3 player called an IPOD and there is also an IPOD Shuffle. These sellers know the familiarity of these terms and are trying to get away with unsuspecting Ebayers' money. If you read the ads carefully, you will find it says something like "this is NOT Apple brand" or words to that effect. But often by the time a person has bid, it is too late to read the fine print.

Here's an example of one of these fakes:

And the real Apple product:

The fake IPOD Shuffle:

Versus the real Apple IPOD Shuffle:

The items are pretty similar. Not identical, but pretty close. If the ad looks pretty much LIKE the real deal, it inspires confidence to buy, which is going to end in disappointment when the piece of crap arrives. The worst thing about this is buyers paying top dollar for second rate knock-offs from who-knows-where!

Anyway, keep your ear to the ground and always do your research before putting a bid on anything on Ebay. If you ask questions and check out all the information, you've got a much better chance of getting a genuine bargain rather than a cheap imitation.

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  1. Wow thanks for the tip. I would of never noticed the difference.

  2. I just bought one off ebay that was listed as APPLE with an apple case and everything but it is clearly the knockoff. I had an original that went through the wash so I was replacing it. Seeing the two side by side is a joke. That is technically illegal using the Apple name right?

  3. anon - you would certainly assume that it is! They are very sneaky!


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