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Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Cool Christmas Gifts Under $15

Christmas is looming again and it's time to shop, whether we like it or not. Personally I prefer to avoid the Christmas crush in the bigger stores and shop online, from the comfort of my own computer. But that's just my little quirk.

Here are some ideas for gifts under $15:

1. Blue Dolphin Ocarina

If you have played Legend of Zelda you may already know what an ocarina is. If not, its a terracotta wind instrument with holes, something akin to a recorder or flute.

2. Japanese Design Mouse Mats
If you have the same boring plain mousepad as everyone else, be different!! Gold leaf mousepad featuring Japanese artwork.

3. Reusable Leather Journal/Note pad Holder
This is my personal pick for the cutest gift ever - perfect for the person who carries a notebook everywhere they go.

4. 15 Wines Under $15
Technically this isn't just one present. But who cares. Wine makes a good present. (Checks vintage) Then again, maybe not (*pops cork*)

5. Penguin Holiday Pendant
This would make a great present for a daughter / granddaughter / niece - very cute, very Christmassy. The pendant is the same size as a standard scrabble tile.

Happy Shopping!!


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