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Thursday, November 05, 2009

5 Mistakes of Spring Racing Carnival Fashion

Far be it from me to comment on the fashion faux pas of the Spring Racing Carnival brigade. Me, the fashion goddess of the cardigan, corduroys and Docs. Perhaps it's that I don't really fancy too many florals, fluffy and hairy headpieces and feathers that get stuck in your mouth while you're trying to cheer for a horse that is clearly coming second last. There are however some mistakes that have been brought to my attention as an observer of Spring Carnival fashion.

Mistake #1. Not wearing comfy shoes

You will most likely be walking from the bar, to the bookie, and back to the track itself - and don't forget the train ride home. You'll be surprised as to how many kilometres you can cover in the space of a day. For goodness sake, wear comfortable footwear. Otherwise you will regret it!!

Mistake #2. Drinking too much

The first drink of the day can be as early as breakfast. For some reason (and I don't know if this is exclusively an Australian trait or if its the rest of the world as well) - we seem to think that we are somehow immune to the effects of alcohol because it's a public holiday. So it doesn't seem so irrational to drink 2 champagnes for breakfast, 3 at lunch and then 2 more in the afternoon. Then we wonder why the ground is suddenly uneven and there are twice as many horses on the field as before.
You could begin the day looking like like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". If you're not careful, by the end of the day and 7 champagnes later you could look more like this:

The idea is to pace yourself. If you do have a champagne breakfast, drink soda water for a bit. And make sure you eat something. "But my dress is too tight!!" I hear you say. Well, wear something more comfy. Your dress will still be too tight if you're passed out under a tree with a busted side seam and no hat.

Mistake #3. Forgetting the sunscreen

Sun protection costs next to nothing. A cheap, broad spectrum sunscreen and a hat. Protect your skin as you will be out for many hours in the sun. Even on a cloudy day, you will be surprised at how quickly sunburn can occur. Sunscreen is your friend, and the only protector between your skin and the harsh Australian sun. No matter what you are wearing, sunburn clashes!!

Mistake #4. Neeiggghh!!

Sometimes these fashions can be reminiscent of the horses themselves. Gaudy colours, shaggy manes, strong hindquarters and shaky footwear. The key is to be comfortable and dress to compliment your individual style.

Mistake #5. Dignity Blowout

This can come under a number of headings and this goes for males and females of all ages. For example, too many champagnes can land one in the "Dignity Blowout" category. This can result in falling asleep on the train with your fascinator feathers in your mouth, passing out in the sun and waking up with second degree sunburn, throwing up in the bin can also be a bit of a dignity blowout. You may think this is gross, but I have witnessed all these things while visiting the races (and no, it wasn't me!!) One of the worst cases I witnessed was a girl dressed up in racing gear being carried out of a pub by the paramedics after she passed out in a corner and could not be roused. This is not how you want to remember your day at the races.

My experience of the Melbourne Cup this year was the same as previous years - I put a bet on the favourite "Viewed", which failed to come through with the goods. I put a bet on "Leica Ding" as well, mainly because the name was ridiculous and horses with ridiculous names often win. (Eg. "Makybe Diva") Needless to say, my horse is still running.


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