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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Medical Alert Devices In Times Of Medical Emergency

For the elderly and movement impaired, a Medical Alert system can literally be a lifeline. For most of us, there are people we care about - parents, grandparents who are perhaps living alone without the aid of a carer. Despite our best efforts, we can't always be there. I'll present two scenarios:

1. A man/woman is at home, has had a fall and is not able to push a button. In this case a device named "fall alert" contains a fall detector. This device is worn on the person and when a fall is detected, will call the 24 hour monitoring service which in turn alerts relatives and medical personnel. The alerts continue until someone is dispatched to the residence.

2. A man/woman, perhaps suffering from Alzheimer's wanders into a strange neighbourhood and cannot find their way back home. In this case a GPS tracking bracelet featuring a two-way speakerphone. This Medical Alert device can be used by the wearer as one would use a mobile phone to call for help. Similarly, the GPS device will send an alert if the person has wandered off and can't be contacted.

Other products include smoke alarms, intruder alarms, inactivity detectors and panic buttons for peace of mind and security.


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