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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nice Cup Putting Bra

Triumph lingerie in Tokyo has come up with yet another bizarre invention. The current offering is a corset-style green top that doubles as a putting mat. The accessories include a tee, a ball on a chain, a "be quiet" sign and pockets for extra balls and tees.

The only slight problem I can see with the garment is that in order to play golf, you need to be naked from the waist up. Perhaps these will catch on a nudist camps...

But... who really wants to play nudie golf? When does one get the urge to strip off the gear and putt at the same time? Golf is a rather conservative game, last time I checked. The dress code usually calls for um... clothes.

I not entirely sure but I'm guessing that a female probably didn't invent this.

The invention is a response to the trend of a large percentage of Japanese women taking up the game of golf.

Perhaps the study also found that these women also liked to play topless golf, or specified being naked in some way.

As a putting mat, it's not half bad. It has an electronic voice that says "nice shot!" every time you make the putt. That would drive me nuts after about 2.5 seconds (provided I can make a putt in 2.5 seconds!!)

As a garment however, I wouldn't want to wear it. It features bra cups that appear to be sadistically made out of metal muffin tins. Perhaps it has another function as a cooking device...

Given the nature of this strange novelty garment for women, I'd hate to see what the male version looks like.

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