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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's IN and OUT for 2011

According to Yahoo Style Trends, 2011 has some interesting INs and OUTs.

So, without further ado, here's what is IN and OUT for the coming year:
Vampires - OUT
Well there's a relief. I always thought of vampires as nasty things for slaying with wooden stakes, not as eligible bachelors, but that's just me.  The point is, nobody has got it right since the Buffy TV series.  It had everything, vampires, Hellmouth, nerds, librarians and awkward nerdy and charming exchanges.  It seems that the latest Twilight movies and vampire TV shows in their own heavy handed and lacklustre way have elevated vampires to a desirable status.  The point is, vampires aren't really that attractive.  They don't tan (no beach trips), they drink blood (so dinner is right out of the question), they are always at risk of turning you into one of them, and they get a bit messy when they go out for a bite with their friends.

Communal Tables - OUT
Well yippee with maple syrup on it!!  I could never stand communal tables.  It was always a stupid idea.  I remember having to endure my own birthday party sharing a table with a bunch of noisy eating crusties because the restaurant "doesn't take bookings man, everyone shares the tables".

Well bollocks to that.  If I pay to go to a restaurant, I want a table for one, two or a group.  That is, people that I actually want to share a table with.  People I actually know and like.  The idea of eating food next to complete strangers with questionable table manners is my idea of hell.  I'd rather get take away or cook something myself until the restaurants can get it together to work out that people don't actually want to share a massive bench with strangers.  If I wanted that I'd go to a mess hall.

Austerity Weddings (ie. Kate and Will) - IN
I'm not sure I can count this $40 million "do" as "Austere".  Perhaps the article was being ironic?  Maybe it's more austere than $50 million...  

Anyway, if you as a slightly less royal person, want to get married, why pay a ridiculous amount like $30,000?  Can't you think of better things on which to spend your money?

Option 1:
1 big poncy day, lots of toasters and glassware and a highly pressurised (you HAVE to have a perfect time) holiday.  And leftovers bits from the $500 cake.  A large bottomless hole in your savings account or credit card.

Option 2:
A set of Callaway golf clubs, relaxed holiday, simple registry do.  Money in the bank.  Gee, let me think now...

photo courtesy of kelsey_lovefusionphoto

Ballerina Fashion - a'la "Black Swan" - IN
Pulled back hairdos, tu-tus and lots of makeup.  Hmmm.
Little does he know it, but I think there's a weirdo guy in Fitzroy who hangs around Brunswick street that's about to become extremely fashionable.

If this takes off, the whole of Melbourne will be like going out for a ciggy at College of the Arts or the National Theatre.  I hope that distinctive dancer's walk doesn't take off as well, it kind of looks like Charlie Chaplin on Ritalin.  That is, if Charlie Chaplin got rid of his walking stick, was really thin and wore his hair in a bun. 

SaveSaveSave's IN and OUT for 2011:


Carmen Miranda fruit hats
Protective padding for vague people who text and drive or walk across busy streets
No nail polish and short fingernails
Salt crystal and lava lamps
Queens of the Stone Age
Rock N' Roll in general


Flat pack furniture
Australian/American/whatever Idol
Highlighter pens
Holidays in Ibiza
Guy Sebastian
Dance Clubs
Auto Correct

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  1. Fun post. What's In and what's OUT. How about what's back IN again and what's OUT again? Fads come and go. Found you on LI.


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