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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tabasco Original Red Magic

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tabasco Original Red

I love Tabasco Original Red.  Ever since I could eat hot things (which was very early indeed!) I developed a taste for Tabasco on just about anything.   Recently I have been developing my repertoire to include simple things like toasted cheese sandwiches with Tabasco.   It changes a simple toasted sandwich from okay to simply amazing!  A lot of people think of Tabasco as "hot" and leave it at that.  However Tabasco is so much more than that.  A dash of Tabasco can unlock the flavour in all your favourite foods, bringing out the best so you can get the best out of every single bite.  Tabasco can bring out the best in virtually any dish, the only limit is your imagination!!

Here is a recipe for my famous "Tabasco Omelette"
3 eggs
dried oregano
grated cheddar cheese
TABASCO® Original Red

Mix up the ingredients except for the Tabasco and cheese.  Add the cheese on top when the omelette is in the pan, frying.
I usually add the Tabasco just as I am serving the omelette.  It brings out the combination of the eggs and cheese to give it that extra zing.  I highly recommend this omelette recipe.  Add the Tabasco according to your individual tastes.  (I use a lot!!)

But the ideas don't end there.  Many times when I have ordered a pizza I find it doesn't have the right "zing".  Easily fixed!  I get the Tabasco out and after a few shakes the pizza is turned into a masterpiece.    For more pizza ideas, be sure to check out Pizza Perfected. 
For the best food ideas for your next party or gathering, check out the excellent Game-Day Party Menu.
For breakfast and a quick pick me up, I like fried eggs with Tabasco, mushrooms and spinach on toast.  You can't go wrong with this combo!

For a snack, Tabasco can spice up anything toasty, cheesy, even antipasto!!  (I love Tabasco with olives!)

And for the piece de resistance, my "Tabasco Red Virgin Mary":
Tomato or V8 Juice
Tabasco Original Red
Ground black pepper
stick of celery
Combine and serve with the celery stick (the celery stick also double as a stirrer)
But don't just take my word for it.  Try these recipes yourself or come up with your own creations!

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