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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sound Blaster Audigy 4

Ahhh. It's beautiful, I thought. Great for recording vocals, guitar etc.
RRP $120 approx

I thought it would be simple to use as my last computer worked ok with a basic crap sound card.

The brilliant Shure SM58 (RRP$290) is the microphone used for recording into the computer.

However...the microphone doesn't show any signal when plugged into the "Microphone" jack and when it is plugged into the "Line In" jack I need to scream loudly to get any level registering.


The Frequency response of the Shure SM58: 50 to 15,000 Hz so perhaps it isn't compatible with the sound card?!?!?!

Perhaps I should plug in my old Toyoda microphone ($17.50) and see if that works. But that sort of defeats the purpose as the Shure SM58 is a quality microphone and the Toyoda works but isn't really ideal.

Any comments would be very much appreciated.


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  1. I think you need like a mic mixer to amplify the signal. Condenser microphones can't work directly with computer sound cards.


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