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Friday, March 02, 2007

Computer Busted In Transit - No Fragile Stickers!

You may remember my post on Couriers Please No Thank You!!!
Well, here's some background information. I received a computer last year from EYO Technologies in Sydney. It arrived broken. Busted. Kaput.
So I sent it back, expecting a new one, since I had paid for a new computer.


I got back a "repaired" version of the beat-up thing I received in the first place.
I tried for months to get the sound card to work (it was after all, a computer bought for the purpose of recording music) to no avail.
I finally sent it back after realising I could never get the sound card to work. It wasn't a software problem and just because I couldn't get it to work it didn't mean I was a failure as a computer nerd!! I am only starting to recover now.
When I received it back again this week, the sound card "sort of" worked intermittently. But now the DVD drive had disappeared off the "My Computer" icon and the DVD would not open. Neither would the CD drive, which had never worked and now I find out, was supposed to work as well.


So guess what? I'm sending it back again. I do not hold out much hope as EYO insist on sending things with Star Track Express with NO "This End Up" or "Fragile" stickers. Nothing. And they wonder why it arrived to me in a mess. Twice. Now that they want to fix it and send it back. That's great but I'm starting to lose hope at this point. The DVD drive doesn't work because I was told "somebody forgot to connect the power cable"?!?!?!? And the explanation for the sound card not working was that they forgot to disable the onboard sound card when they put in the Audigy 4 I ordered. I have offered to give EYO Technologies a roll of fragile tape so they can put it on my computer when sending it back. If they remember...

I ask you. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I alone here?

All I ask is that people send happy thoughts for the computer to arrive back to me fixed and in one piece. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for this one.

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