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Friday, March 16, 2007

Ebay Denim Jacket - Success!!

Just when I was starting to get worried, my denim jacket arrived yesterday. I am sometimes apprehensive about ordering things from Canberra. For some reason, I don't think Australia Post likes addresses with "DC" in them. But here it is.

I bought this Jacket on Ebay for $5
I wouldn't have necessarily bought it if I had looked more closely at the postage. It was $15. Still, a denim jacket for $20 isn't prohibitive, it's just a tad steep. It arrived in an express post envelope that would most likely have cost $7. I don't like artificially inflated postage costs and Ebayers who practice this should be sent to Abu Dhabi by unregistered post.

So, here it is. I actually quite like it.

It's a good addition to my new wardrobe. This is probably the first time I have bought a whole bunch of new clothes for about 10 years. Speaking of which, my Doc Martens are getting a bit scrappy. I must say my last pair lasted for a lot longer - 12 years or so. I bought these ones about 4 or 5 years ago and they started to fall apart straight away. I think I got a lemon.

So I might just go scouring Ebay for Doc Martens. Or I could buy a new pair for $180.00 Gee, let me think now....


  1. They now have a rating system where you can rate their postage on eBay so I wonder if that will begin to dry the inflated postage prices up!

    But that's still a bargain I suppose!

  2. Actually yes, that's true. I did mark them down for postage but perhaps not enough. You are a step ahead of me here - I think I've been wrapped up doing the Blog Carnival!

  3. I'm an ebay addict - but I have recently become a seller (to sell all the crap I have bought on eBay)
    I do inflate postage a bit - first to decrease eBay's final value fee, but mostly cos I express post everything and go to the post office as soon as someone's paid. I tend to rate down sellers who take weeks to send you stuff you paid for immediately. i do like the new rating system though, as there are some rip off sellers out there. Don't get me started on what "new without tags" can mean!!!


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