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Friday, March 02, 2007

I need a little cheering up...

*Sigh* All that computer stuff has really dragged me down when I should be enjoying the upcoming weekend. So, I'm going to find some things that will cheer me up.

1. The Peccary

This is the cutest creature known to man, the Peccary. It is native to South America. It eats grass, roots and cacti. It cannot be domesticated. It generally ignores humans. I am feeling better already.

2. It is a sunny day, blue sky etc.
Yeah. That sort of helped.

3. I am going to the park tonight. With my mp3 player. To walk off this stress using loud music and hand weights.
Yep. It's doing the trick!

4. A nice cold beer.
I know I know. I'm having one of those low calorie ones like "Pure Blonde". Even though it tastes like camel's urine at least it won't interfere with my efforts to burn calories.

5. It is possible I shall be having home made (yay!) mexican chilli beans tonight.
I'm so excited I could do a Beavis Cornholio impersonation. I could, but I'm not going to. I'll let him do it.

Speaking of cheering myself up...I found this description (courtesy of Wikipedia.org) on Beavis aka Cornholio. I love how he is taken so seriously...categories, sub-categories, behaviour etc. This text comes courtesy of Wikipedia, link shown below:

..."Cornholio emerges whenever Beavis consumes large quantities of sugar and/or caffeine or other stimulants and enters a hyperactive phase, with symptoms including convulsing, nonsensical jabbering and gazing cross-eyed at his fist. The final transformation is usually triggered by mention of vaguely Hispanic-sounding words: he pulls his shirt over his head (producing a makeshift hood covering his hair) and begins marching around randomly, his hands at either sides of his face with palms forward, making loud proclamations in a quasi-Spanish accent.

Cornholio apparently hails from Latin America (once stating that he is from Nicaragua), claiming his home to be Lake Titicaca (the word already providing amusement to Beavis), which is actually in South America. He states his mission in life is to find "TP" (toilet paper) for his "bunghole" (anus), as his "people" are "without bungholes". This apparent contradiction is typical of the nonsense he frequently spouts: at other times he claims he himself is a bunghole, he has no bunghole, he is a gringo (which is actually true, as he has blonde hair), or calls upon "the Almighty Bunghole" (either himself or his god). He has also expressed an interest in oleo, presumably because it rhymes with his name; he combines it with "bunghole" to create his most famous cry, "bungholeo-o-o-o-o!"...

"The Great Cornholio." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 1 Mar 2007, 20:01 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 2 Mar 2007.

And with that, I'm off. I need TP for my bunghole. Have a good weekend!

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  1. That was a great post. I was informed and amused. Thanks for visiting my site at the carnival of finance. I do appreciate your comment.

  2. Hi LJP,

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Just wondering how you found them?
    Have a great time in Tassie.


  3. That Wikipedia entry is hilarious! I like your other "cheer me up" options as well. Feel better!

  4. Just what I needed, a few more good laughs! This is a great post!!

    I've been gone for a few days; check my current posts.

    Ready to arrange hosting the Gonzo carnival?

  5. Dear tanneke and renne de waard - I think I was surfing blog soldiers or blog mad - can' remember which. Just stumbled on your site and loved the piccys.


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