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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Ebay Jinx is No More.

After battling the demons from the Ebay Jinx, peace is now restored to my part of the globe. For some background info see The Dreaded Ebay Jinx, The Ebay Jinx Continues and Die Demon Die!!! The Ebay Jinx Will be Laid to Rest!!!

I grabbed a serious bargain on Ebay - this excellent striped off-the-shoulder top for 0.99c

That's right! 0.99c!
The postage ($3.00) actually cost more than the top itself, which is quite exciting. And it arrived quickly too!

I am beginning to update my wardrobe from the ground up.

This top arrived today. It was a pretty good start:

I ended up paying $4.35 plus $5.00 postage. I bought a top similar to this about a year ago for $16 so I have saved $6.65 (the neighbour of the beast!!) Ha ha!

No seriously, the Ebay Jinx is no more. Vanquished. Squished. Exorcised. Buggered off. Finally.

I don't expect to see any more supernatural activity on Ebay.

Speaking of which, it might be appropriate to finish with a moment from Sam & Dean Winchester from "Supernatural":

Dean: "Let me know if you see any dead people Haley Joel."
Sam:"Dude enough."
Dean:"Sam who you think is hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?
Dean:"I've got a question for you. You've seen a lot of movies, yeah?
Kat: "I guess so."
Dean:"Do me a favor. Next time you see one, pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted don't go in."

P.S. Back to shopping: I want this car.

It will be mine.

Or at least something very much like it.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to use left-hand drive Chevys in Australia.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia - don't sue me!

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