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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Call for Submissions - A Gonzo World Carnival!

The global blogging phenomenon suggests that we should uncover, discover and welcome different worlds to our own. This is a great way of finding out new things about people and places you never knew existed. What makes us unique? How do we see the world? What makes us who we are?

To kick this off, this site will be hosting:

A Gonzo World Carnival !

This is your chance to "Share Your World". Your country...your home...your state...your unique world and how you define it.

The Carnival will be published on the 19th.

Submissions close on the 16th so please get your posts in early!

The Ground Rules:

* Submit one post, past or present that fits the theme of "Share Your World" ...your home, your town, your state, your country etc. One entry per blog. The topic is quite broad in terms of options. As long as the post relates to your world.

* Only English language posts will be accepted

* Send your submissions to violetfrog7@yahoo.com.au

* Each post must include:
-Your name as you want it to appear in the post
-The title of your blog
-Your blog URL
-The Name of the Post
-The URL of the post

Entry deadline 11:59pm on March 16th, 2007.

Show your Gonzo Love by putting up a A Gonzo World Carnival! banner on your site.

Spread the word and get your posts in!!...

Special thanks to Fear & Loathing - The Gonzo Papers and For Your Success.

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  1. I'm in. Will be sending my entry by tomorrow, March 14. Is there a code for the banner?

  2. Hi, there - looking forward to your submission. No code for the banner as such, just save the banner image to your desktop and upload it again.
    Any questions pls feel free to email me.


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