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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Does My Bum Look Big in This?

I've noticed that some outfits are flattering to the figure, and some are not. For today I'll focus on jeans:

Firstly, don't get a pair of jeans that bunches up around the waist and hips. This looks bad on everyone, including Kate Moss. Make sure the jeans don't taper at the ankles because they will make your legs and hips and waist look bigger than they are. Here is an example of the "Wrong" look, courtesy of Lorraine on MAD TV:

Now, for the style of jeans/pants you should seek out...

Jeans that are low cut minimise bunching around the waist

Flared or bootcut around the ankle balances the line of the pants

Corduroy can be extra flattering and comfortable as well!

Here are some I picked up on ebay:


Here are another couple of examples to get a better idea.

Remember - don't go for the Lorraine look. Things aren't that bad!!


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