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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Postage Pirates and the $100 Postage Scams

Some call them 'Postage Pirates' AAARRRGHGH!

They are the ones who hold 0.99c auctions and charge $40, $50 or $100 for postage!!

Here's a nifty way to beat those nasty pasties...

1. Sign in and go to "My eBay"

2. Scroll down to "Items I'm Watching"

3. Click on "Customise Display"

4. Move "Postage Cost" to the right hand column

5. Save!

The postage for items is now visible at all times.

If the postage reads "Not Specified", don't bid until you ask the seller about the cost of postage. That way you can avoid nasty surprises at the end of auction.

If in doubt, do a check with the following postage calculators:

USPS - http://www.usps.com/tools/calculatepostage/welcome.htm

Australia Post - http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/

Royal Mail - http://www.royalmail.com (use the quickfind menu at top of page)


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