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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Exhibit I - JAG Top + Hood

Sometimes you get the perfect piece of clothing. For the perfect price. I snapped up this authentic JAG top (similar to top pictured) for $5.50 / $10.15 including postage


I was lucky to buy from an individual who no longer wanted the top - this may be the best way to buy brand name clothing. I would be wary of big eBay stores that claim to sell "authentic" designer clothing at ridiculous prices. One has to ask the question - how is this profitable for them? The answer is...it isn't. Unless of course the designer labels are quickly sewn or glued on before selling.

I have seen a lot of people burned by fake designer goods. Look at the person's feedback - if a lot of people are saying "not sure about authenticity" or "this is a fake!!" then use common sense. Also, if you are buying a Prada bag for $15 then you don't really have that much to complain about. If you ask me, the dang things aren't worth $500 anyway.

Happy Shopping!!


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