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Monday, September 03, 2007

Quality Bar Stools

Often you will sit at a bar and not fully comprehend the workmanship that goes into making Quality Bar Stools.

If you are interested in setting up your own bar, you may be shopping around for furniture to deck it out. During my investigation of this site, it seems you can save money on retail prices when you buy online. When you choose a stool, you get a drop down menu to choose fabrics and finishes.

The design is pleasing to the eye, loads quickly and laid out sensibly. The checkout system is easy to use, I did a trial run to make sure it was user friendly, and it is. There's nothing more annoying than actually wanting to buy something and getting so caught up in red tape in the site that you give up and finally go somewhere else.

The delivery costs are around $35 for residential or commercial UPS delivery (price for 1 chair, around $50 for 2 chairs).

It's a great idea to give customers a choice of fabrics and shades. My only suggestion is to provide a fabric / shade / materials chart. I understand there are a large number of choices but it may enhance the experience for the customer to see their selections and make decisions accordingly.

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