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Monday, September 03, 2007

Clothes and more clothes!

Yep, got me some more. I can't stop! Must...buy...more...clothing...

yikes. I write a shopping blog on how to save money and then I turn into a compulsive shopper. Ha! Not really. I don't think buying 10 items in 8 months really qualifies. And considering I ignored clothes in general for 10 years or so I think I have some catching up to do!

Bargain time. This sports top cost me $4.25 on Ebay with $5.00 postage. The ironic thing is that I haven't exercised since I got it. I have got a lot of compliments thanks to this top. But I did buy it for walking in, not parading around getting compliments. Extra walking this week to make up for last week.

P.S. notice how the photo was taken in 2003? Has it been hiding in a closet all this time? Languishing?

These shoes are brilliant. Good quality leather. They cost me $15.10 on Ebay with $10.50 postage. Tip: buy leather shoes. They last. I bought a pair of not-so leathery shoes from Target for $39.95 and I have already worn them out. That's only a few months' wear. Crapola. Go with quality even if it costs a little more. Better still, go with quality if you can get it cheaply. Hehehehehe

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