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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weird Ebay Listings September 07

I can't really find the words...so...I thought I'd give you this....

The Key To My Heart

In the description, it seems to indicate that you might melt if you received one of these. I think they meant barf.

This one is kind of interesting until you think about it...

Misspelled Ebay Items

You know what? I don't think I trust any of these people enough to buy their Iod. Or their Nitedo. If they can't spell it, I don't want it. Attention to detail is pretty important. And it doesn't bode well for the hassles of sorting out payment methods and delivery.

P.S. Nice touch with the fake software box. It's actually a toolbar...probably loaded with spyware...I'm not going to buy it to find out...

And of course, who can resist a listing that starts with

"dear hopeful lottery winner..."

Hmmm. Promising.

Cheat Lottery System

Question - why would someone who has the clairvoyant / scientific / bullshit ability to cheat the lottery system be needing to sell anything on Ebay for ten bucks? Hmmmm.....

Oh I know...

"...because of my amazing discovery, I just couldn't sleep until I shared the idea with the world because it makes me happy to be helping people....yada yada yada

And finally....

Exploding Money Box

That's right, kids. This is seriously funny, scare your friends, film them and put it on YouTube. Oh, no, hang on. Isn't that dangerous? And sort of mean?
But...it's YouTube. Oyeah it's like...sohot.

Yes. That's right. I am a tad irritable today.

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  1. LOL - this is the one that always cracks me up:

    Came here via blogrush!

  2. Hi Ozlady!
    Yeah, that is a weird listing...!?!?! How do people come up with these?

    ...maybe this blogrush thing does work. I'm doing a bit of a trial run.

  3. Yeah, ebay is just all sorts of . . . fun.

    I always feel a little snobbish avoiding listings just because they have words out of place/misspelled. But you're right - the attention to detail is necessary when people are giving you money.


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