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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Art Deco Magic

Art Deco Detail Wardrobe

I love old art deco stuff. It's such a refreshing change from those "I want my house to look like a cold steel veterinarian's workspace". Current styles suck. Wood is warm and old things are just better. I don't know why, they just are.

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Twin Handled Tray

I've always liked these for some reason, maybe one of my grandparents had one, I don't know. There's something warm and fuzzy about food being served on a wooden tray.

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Metal Dancing Figurine

I love these dancing figures. This one looks like she's getting something off her foot rather than dancing. Still love it, though.

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Art Deco Vanity

You can find this nifty art deco dresser on Ebay for 0.99c at present with just over 3 hours to go in the auction. It doesn't quite go with the garage bricks but you get the idea!

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Art Deco Chairs

According to the description, these need a little restoration but for $34 for 5 chairs it could be a bit of a steal, actually. They look pretty comfy too!

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