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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pinhole Glasses

The science of pinhole glasses as a way to improve your vision is debated in many circles, with advocates for and against the scientific merit of such a device. However the principle of a pinhole is solidly based. It is true that if you are without your glasses, you can make a hole in a piece of paper and look through it to see more clearly. The pinhole camera is based on a similar principle, using the pinhole as a lens to record an image.

Pinhole glasses are said to clear vision by reducing refractive errors. There are a number of claims on the site regarding myopia and various other conditions. It must be made clear that the glasses are generally designed for people with low refractory errors, that is those with lens requirements of less than 6 diopters. For those with lens requirements greater than 6 diopters, it is important to check with your specialist.

The pinholes in these glasses are said to act like a lens, bringing fuzzy images into focus. These pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses are made to be used while reading or working at a computer to clear vision and reduce eye strain.

These are glasses promoted to be worn in place of prescription glasses, while reading or doing stationary tasks. The glasses also shield peripheral vision quite dramatically so these glasses should not be used while driving a car or operating machinery. The glasses are for stationary viewing only.

In reviewing a site featuring pinhole glasses as their main product, I was able to investigate the possible benefits of using such a device in place of regular prescription glasses. It appears that the greatest benefit to the eye while wearing pinhole glasses is the relaxation of the eye, said to benefit eye health.

The site was clear and easy to navigate, however some minor improvements could be made. In order for a website to effectively display and sell pinhole eyeglasses, I would suggest that the scans of the actual eyeglasses are made larger and clearer. Similarly, the text could be a little larger for ease of readability. It would be quite difficult for potential customers to see the image of the product, the target audience being characterized as people with eyesight problems.

Pinhole glasses are marketed as an alternative to prescription glasses, which can be expensive. The price of the glasses is $14.95 plus free shipping so the possibility to test such a product is made more accessible. As with all matters related to the medical field, if you are unsure, check with your health provider.


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