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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The crowds that gathered at Torrey Pines from 6am received more than just a playoff. In the words of Rocco Mediate, "they wanted a show, they got a show". The 18 hole playoff ended in a cliffhanger, forcing play to continue to the 7th hole. At the end of the first nine, Tiger was out in 35, Rocco in 37. It seemed Tiger would lead this playoff to its conclusion. At the end of the 18th, Tiger had made a 36 and Rocco had made 34. Both scores were fixed at 71, even par on this course. It seemed par was the score to beat and sure enough, par was the score that finally won, Tiger shooting 4 to Rocco's 5 on the par 4 7th hole.

When asked about his injury, Tiger simply said "I'm glad I'm done." The world's number one golfer deserves some ice and some well-earned rest. Rocco Mediate has gained a whole new legion of fans and it is likely we will see more of him after this tournament.

Meanwhile, the coverage by Ten and TenHD in Australia was truncated at best. It is not enough for golf fans to see the last putt roll to the hole. Australian viewers missed out on seeing Tiger meeting his family on the green, missing out also on the presentation and the raising of the trophy. If this were the tennis and Roger Federer was not seen holding the trophy and making a speech, there would be widespread outrage. A subtle message needs to be sent to Channel 10, ie. get your act together! If people are so desperate to see the finance report and the 78th episode of "Totally Wild", the programmers could show them on Ten Digital, while continuing the uninterrupted US Open coverage on Ten HD. It's a wonder that nobody has thought of that before. Perhaps I am a genius. More likely, golf has been largely overlooked in favour of football, rugby and cricket. It is sloppy and shows a lack of respect. Australia has a multitude of golf fans, Channel 10. Be prepared to look after them. After all, we stayed awake from 6am, 5am and 2am respectively so a few more minutes of coverage is hardly too much to ask.

~end rant.

P.S. The odd hours have messed up my circadian rhythms for at least a week now, I recall the wee hours of the morning, waiting for the golf to begin. I remember looking at my partner and giggling while he laughed back, his rabid devotion to golf mirrored in my own bloodshot eyes. It was worth every second.

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  1. This was a great match to watch all weekend and through Monday. So much fun to watch two great golfers battle it out over 2 days.


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