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Monday, June 16, 2008

18 Hole Playoff for Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate at the US Open

After catching our collective breaths from one of the most exciting golf tournaments in recent history, an incredible feat by Tiger Woods ensures that the story is not yet over for the US Open 2008.

At the beginning of the 18th hole of Round 4, Tiger's score was at even par and there was some doubt as to whether he would be able to catch Rocco Mediate's score of 1 under par. Woods began with a double bogey on the 1st and a bogey on the 2nd, upsetting the momentum gained in Round 3. He went on to bogey the 13th and 15th and it was becoming apparent he was fast running out of holes. However there was no doubt in many people's minds that Tiger would endeavor to do something special. Tiger was recovering from surgery on his left knee and the pain was visible after every swing, making it difficult to watch without wincing along with him. Tiger, however pressed on and at the 18th green holed a 12 foot putt to make an essential birdie. Now Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods are tied for the lead at the end of Round 4, forcing a playoff to decide the winner.

The unmissable 18 hole playoff will be screened tomorrow so check your local guides, these times for Australia (VIC) only:

Tuesday 17 June
Ten & Ten HD: 2 am (EST) 18 hole playoff

There seems to be no personal rivalry between the two - Tiger refers to Rocco as the "nicest guy" and Rocco has made similar comments about Tiger. Rocco is a jovial fellow, when speaking on the subject of maintaining concentration he conceded it "...was a little difficult with nutto (Tiger Woods) in front of me doing all this crazy stuff." The crazy stuff being two incredible eagles and an outrageous chip in for birdie during Round 3.

The rivalry that exists between the two must therefore be simply the desire to win. Both will try their best to take the glory, knowing that the other will pounce in the event of any mistakes made during the playoff. With history in the making and the excitement levels rising even higher, there is no more to say other than this: may the best man win.

If you missed Round 4 or wish to catch up on the highlights, check out the latest videos here:
US Open Wrapup Show

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