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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cadillacs are back!

Have you noticed this? Of all the cars, there are a disproportionate number of songs written about the Cadillac. Artists from Elvis to Bo Diddley, Bruce Springsteen to Neil Young and Blondie to AC/DC have immortalised the famous car in their music. Perhaps it is because there is something inherently rock n' roll about this particular car. The Cadillac became an American icon with its famous fins, and has appeared in films such as Batman, Driving Miss Daisy, Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas and Matrix Reloaded.

If you are a Cadillac afficionado or just want to browse around, check out the new range at New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA.

The site currently has new vehicle specials including discounts and rebates on 2007 models. The site is easy to navigate and provides useful tips and information on buying a new car. A free quick quote feature simplifies the process of estimating costs and budgeting for a new car purchase. You can also research the vehicle you choose with a nifty 360 degree interior and exterior view - this feature was my favourite! You can also customise your chosen car with a range of colours and trim. It seems the new Cadillac has evolved in recent years - the fins are gone, but the icon still lives.

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