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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Waiting For Ebay

Sometimes waiting for my items to arrive is like the play by Samuel Beckett, "Waiting For Godot". Except in the play he never turned up. Oops! Sorry - I hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.

Here is my wonderful (but still missing) newsboy cap:

It had better arrive or I will have to do an exorcism on the Ebay demon again. (see previous post)

Which will be painful.

And messy.

Speaking of Ebay, I wish to introduce a feature to the "My Ebay" section. While it is very convenient while browsing items to "Watch" an item in My Ebay, it is more complicated to stop watching the item when you decide you're not interested or the price is too high.

I suggest that Ebay introduce an "unwatch" button, a simple button that will sit next to the "watch" button in the area circled. This way you could weed out your watched items (mine often contains over 20!) and narrow them down quickly so you can do some serious bidding.

I hope Ebay decides to take this on board. One click and people could be "watching", "unwatching" and "rewatching" in seconds. It could revolutionise Ebay! Or at least make it a bit easier for buyers to navigate in My Ebay!

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