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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The US Open at Torrey Pines 2008

This is it!!

The US Open at Torrey Pines 2008, San Diego, CA.

Finally I will see in High Definition what I have only seen previously on Playstation 2's Tiger Woods 2003! The real course at Torrey Pines.

As for those of you who live near the course, you lucky lucky ba...

The US Open will be hosted at the South Course of Torrey Pines (courtesy of Torrey Pines' official website):

This is what the players will be faced with right from the start. Here is the layout of the first hole:

Easy no? I'm completely sure of my ability to play this hole with no problems... as long as it's on Playstation!

It would be truly amazing to be there to watch the world's #1, #2 and #3 golfers all in the same championship. According to PGA's website, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott will be playing together in the same group on the Thursday and Friday.

My pick? I would actually love Tiger to win it but to see an Australian win the US Open would be a treat! Adam Scott is yet to smash through that glass ceiling. And let's not forget Phil Mickelson and Trevor Immelman and all the other incredible players in the field.

Most of the time I'm just happy to be watching golf, regardless who wins. But.. GO TIGER!!!

Here are the broadcast times as of Thursday 12th June 2008. Be sure to check your local guides - these times are for Australia (VIC) only!:

Friday 13 June

Ten: 6am - 12pm (EST)
TenHD: 6am - 12pm(EST)

Saturday 14 June

Ten: 6am - 12pm (EST)
TenHD: 6am - 12pm(EST)

Sunday 15 June

Ten: 6am - 12pm (EST)
TenHD: 6am - 12pm(EST)

Monday 16 June

Ten: 6am - 11am (EST)
TenHD: 6am - 11am(EST)

If you are without a HD set top box, perhaps now would be a good time to purchase one. In the magic that is High Definition TV you can almost see the players' eyebrow hairs blowing in the breeze.

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  1. Golf lover?? probably you are the first one I've seen. I liked your blog and its variety of content. I would like to do a link exchange. drop a comment in my blog if you are interested.

    Keep blogging..

  2. let the Tiger roll

    Go tiger Woods

    I'm not into golf stuff but Tiger Woods the best... i guess LOL

  3. boo hoo hoo - i've got no set top box :-(

    but still...GO TIGER!!

  4. guttu - we hide in the woodwork ;-)

    chris - Tiger is the best, no doubt!

    fun food eater - don't worry, you can still watch it on normal TV, just have to squint a bit more to see the ball!


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